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Kirchhoff Automotive
Hear how Kirchhoff Automotive improves resource utilization with the PBS Works suite of HPC solutions.

PBS Professional 在奇昊汽车
奇昊汽车如何应用PBS Works HPC解决方案提高资源利用率。

PBS Works: Improving the Accuracy of Weather Forecasts
Running HPC systems and clusters with Altair’s PBS Professional® scheduler provides weather forecast centers with a rich solution for optimized forecasting. The solution ensures high-performance computing (HPC) resources are more efficiently scheduled to increase system utilization, improve application performance and throughput, and enhance quality of service.

Streamlining Aerodynamic CFD Analyses
External aerodynamic simulations using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are well established tools in the product development process for
the automotive and aerospace industries. CFD simulation technology helps engineers to understand the physical phenomena taking place in
their design and provides an environment to optimize the performance with respect to certain design criteria.


意想外なデザインと安定した構造 - by STUIO-X & DIGITAL STUDIO
東京デザイナーズウィーク2013に出展するパビリオンの設計にsolidThinking Inspireを使用し、意想外なデザインと安定した構造を実現した。このプロジェクトはコロンビア大学STUIO-XとDIGITAL STUDIOが共同で行った。出展作品は、無駄がないプリミティブで知的な形態と、Inspireによって得られた構造的な安定感と不安定なデザイン性の両立が評価され、学校作品展セミグランプリおよび企業賞3点を受賞し、各方面から非常に高い評価を得た。

Japan CS

External Aerodynamics Simulation Introducing HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel

Simulation Driven Weight Saving in Stamping
Dr. Subir Roy Director - Industry Solutions, Altair

With increasing regulation on fuel consumption and emission standards, weight saving has become one of the most important topics for automotive sheet metal design. Advanced high strength materials are becoming more prevalent for new vehicle models to reduce weight while enhancing structural performance.

Simulation for cabin noise inside a car due to external turbulent flow using AcuSolve and OptiStruct
Dilip Mandal (USA), Babak Emami (USA), and Robert Snadboge (Sweden), Altair

We present a new simulation procedure for evaluation of automotive cabin noise caused by external turbulent flow. A methodology for coupled simulations of flow noise sources and structural vibrations has been developed within the AcuSolve and Optistruct solver framework of Altair.

Building and Validating the Finite Element Model for an Expandable Liner Hanger
Ganesh Nanaware, Sr. Project Engineer, Baker Hughes

Expandable liner hangers used for wellbore construction within the oil and gas industry are complex mechanical systems. An expandable liner hanger is a revolutionary technology that is getting special attention during wellbore completion due to its unique capabilities of hanging liner weight under extreme conditions and problematic environments.

Integrated Composites Design with ESAComp and HyperWorks
Markku Palanterä and André Mönicke, Componeering Inc.

The design process of composite structures involves tasks that require special attention and which are not typically covered by general finite element simulation tools.

More innovation using Cradle CFD software
Yuya Ando, General Manager, Cradle North America Inc.

CAE software, including CFD, has been extensively used in R&D in many industries and becoming indispensable tools. However, each simulation is merely one of many aspects an engineer needs to consider about. Therefore, ideally, each tool utilized for R&D is easy, fast, robust, accurate, reliable and being able to interact with other tools to aid the innovation in onefs design.

Virtual and Real Testing to Evaluate Load Security for Heavy Products
Masahiro Takagi, Founder & CEO , eXcearch Corporation

Heavy packages cannot be easily tested in the lab to check the effectiveness of their securements against tip over accidents. We will demonstrate how virtual testing by Altair MotionSolve supported by real testing can be utilized to simulate a real-world tip over accident for examination and improvement.

Fatigue Due to Random Loadings
Jeffrey Mentley, Senior Engineer, HBM nCode

Fatigue damage is traditionally determined from time signals of stress or strain using the Rainflow method to extract fatigue cycles. This approach is satisfactory when the damaging events are deterministic and are represented by short data samples of extreme transient loads such as aircraft landing, or automobile potholes.

Development of a New Altair Customized Database of Advanced Material Properties
Dr. Viktor Pocajt, CEO, Key to Metals AG - Zürich, Switzerland

Key to Metals is a vast database which contains the properties of metallic – and more recently non-metallic materials, providing a turn-key solution for the global engineering community.

Optimization Driven Design Applied to Motocross Steering and Suspension Components
Billy Wight, President, Luxon Engineering

The motorcycles used in motocross racing demand light weight and high strength components in order to gain a performance advantage over the competition. A case study of applying Altair HyperWorks optimization techniques, this presentation focuses on the design of a motocross triple clamp assembly and rear suspension linkage.

From Concept to Design Verification in Half the Time
Rick Kerner, Staff Engineer, CAE Structures

Concept ideation on clean sheet designs can consume considerable time on the front end of a new project. From training-in new designers/engineers to collaborating with offshore contract firms, a significant amount of time is sunk into building momentum in a new program.

Scripting with HyperMesh to Automate the Process of Connector Creation and Realization at Tesla
Singai Krishnamoorthi, Technical Specialist, Tesla Motors

The paradigm of using connector entities within HyperMesh is a powerful method of quickly modeling various welds and other connections without having to manually define their finite element representation every time you need to build or update a model.

Free Size Optimized for a Doubler Repair of a Gouge Type Defect on Uniaxially Loaded Composite Sandwich Structures
Timothy Harrell, Structural Analyst, United Launch Alliance

Doublers are commonly used to repair composite sandwich facesheet defects, such as gouges or depressions, because they locally increase the strength of the facesheet in the area of the repair.

Altairs Solutions for Optimization and Analysis of Aerospace Structures

HyperWorks ソリューション別カタログ

  • HyperWorks のCFDソリューション(PDF) 数値流体力学解析者向けの強力なツールをすべて備えたHyperWorks
    HyperWorks は、効率的な数値流体力学(CFD)解析の実行に必要なモデリング(AcuConsole、HyperMesh、SimLab)、最適化(HyperMesh、 HyperStudy)、ポスト処理(AcuFieldView、HyperView)、CFDソルバー(AcuSolve)を含むすべてのツールを装備しています。
  • Hyper Works の最適化ソリューション(PDF) 軽量化のための最適化ツールを備えたHyperWorks
    HyperWorks は、構造向け概念設計および設計の微調整機能を備えた、解析、最適化のための統合ツールOptiStruct、ソルバーニュートラルな 設計の検証、スタディおよび最適化ツールHyperStudy、コンセプト設計のためのデザイナー向けソリューションsolidThinking Inspire を装備しています。
  • HyperWorks のパワートレインソリューション(PDF) HyperWorksのパワートレインソリューション
    Altair の製品には、パワートレインのような大規模なソリッ ドモデリングに驚異的な力を発揮するSimLabがあります。 パワートレインの強度解析においては、非線形性の強い ガスケット周りの接触解析に抜群の収束性/ 安定性を 誇るOptiStruct が有効です。CFDソルバーとしては、テトラ 要素の境界層を用い、高精度かつ高速計算を実現した AcuSolve がお勧めです。また、クランク周り、バルブ周り、 カム機構等の機構解析にはMotionSolveがあります。
  • 設計エンジニアのための概念設計ソリューション(Web版PDF) コンセプトを創造する
  • 設計エンジニアのための概念設計ソリューション(高解像度版PDF)
HyperWorks Optimization Capabilities Integrated into Packaging Design Process Help Unilever Cut Costs and Development Time
Unilever reduced the time required for
simulation and significantly lowered costs
by working with Altair HyperWorks suite
of computer-aided engineering tools.

HyperWorks优化技术融入包装设计 流程,帮助联合利华削减成本、加速研发
利用Altair HyperWorks 计算机辅助工程工具,联合利华降低仿真时间,显著削减成本。

Railcar Manufacturer Speeds Design Modifications with HyperWorks
American Railcar Industries, headquartered
in St. Charles, Mo., designs and manufactures
commercial railroad cars, producing
every part of the car above the wheels.
Customers use the company’s railcars to
transport all sorts of liquid and solid raw
materials, including oil, coal, cement, sand,
grain and other substances. Their designs
include boxcars, gondolas and hoppers,
among other styles.

American Railcar Industries公司,总部设在密苏里州的圣查尔斯,设计和制造商用铁路车辆,制造包括车轮在内的每个机车部件。客户使用该公司的火车来运输各种液体和固体原料,包括石油、煤炭、水泥、砂、粮食和其他物质。他们的设计包括棚车、货架和料斗等。

PBS Pro at Czech National Supercomputing Center
The IT4I National Supercomputing Center uses PBS Professional to manage its new Bull cluster being shared by over 200 planned users. Center officials say PBS “provides the robust commercial functionality we need in a scheduler”

PBS Professional助力捷克国家超级计算中心的作业负载管理
IT4I国家超级计算中心使用PBS Professional管理其新型Bull超级计算机,该超级计算机由200多位计划用户所共享。

HyperMathトレーニングビデオ デバッグ編

Streamlining Aerodynamic CFD Analyses
External aerodynamic simulations using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are well established tools in the product development process for
the automotive and aerospace industries. CFD simulation technology helps engineers to understand the physical phenomena taking place in
their design and provides an environment to optimize the performance with respect to certain design criteria.

Digital Studio

Aerodynamic Development of a Road Cycling Helmet with AcuSolve - LX Sim

LX Sim:利用AcuSolve进行公路自行车头盔的空气动力学开发

Polaris Reduces Weight of Snowmobile Structures Up to 40% with solidThinking Inspire and OptiStruct
Polaris, based in Roseau, Minn., is a
renowned manufacturer of snowmobiles,
and its Snowmobile Chassis Structures
Group is engaged in design and testing that supports three different platform teams with chassis solutions for each set of requirements. Computer-based design and finite element (FE) analysis are integral parts of the Polaris snowmobile development process, as engineers work to create optimal structures that reduce weight without sacrificing performance.

Polaris 利用solidThinking Inspire 和 OptiStruct降低雪地摩托车结构重量达 40%
北极星工业(Polaris Industries Inc.)成立于美国米尼苏达州,是世界闻名的雪地摩托车制造商。雪地摩托底盘结构组的工作是设计并检测雪地车的底盘,并保证这些结构能够支撑三个不同雪地车平台组的解决方案。计算机辅助设计和有限元分析是北极星设计流程中的必要工作方法,工程师的工作就是尽量创建优化的结构,减轻重量的同时保证性能安全。

Evenflo Juvenile Products
Evenflo employs topology optimization and generative design simulation for “sustaining engineering” where fast turnaround is essential for functional improvements of  infant car seats design.

Evenflo Juvenile Products社(英語事例)

Introduction to HyperWorks Desktop for Aerospace Applications
This course is meant for HyperWokrs Desktop users in the Aerospace environment. The course contains a tailored approach to using variuos tools within HyperMesh and HyperView for Aerospace users. Most Chapters will also contain demonstration videos based on Aerospace components.

航空宇宙業界向けHyperWorks Desktop入門
航空宇宙業界ユーザー向けのHyperWorks Desktop入門です。HyperMeshやHyperViewに装備された、航空宇宙業界ユーザーに適した様々なツールを使用します。航空宇宙部品に基づいたビデオで構成されています。

Creactive Design
Using Optimization to Improve the Design of a Classroom

Product design consultancy and structural engineering partner, Creactive Design, wanted to explore the possibility of utilizing optimization technologies to improve the design of a cross-functional roof for an innovative new classroom environment. The classrooms, under development at architecture firm, Future Systems, would be prefabricated in glass reinforced plastic (GRP) to a high standard, making them energy efficient, durable and eminently replicable. The ambitious project was called the “World Classroom”. Creactive approached Altair ProductDesign, to assist in this explorative project due to Altair’s reputation for developing the market leading optimization software solution, OptiStruct.

Creactive Design 成功案例

产品设计咨询和结构工程合作伙伴,Creactive Design,想要探索利用优化技术改进多功能的屋顶设计的可能性,创造全新的教室环境。教室将按照高标准采用玻璃钢(GRP)进行预建造,不仅高效节能、持久耐用,而且具有出色的可复制性。这个雄心勃勃的项目被称为“世界教室”。 由于Altair优化软件解决方案,OptiStruct在市场上卓越的口碑,Creactive 将合作目光投向Altair 及其产品设计部Altair ProductDesign,以期他们能够协助完成这个探索性项目。

Delivering Powerful Solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry
To maximize user productivity, oil & gas companies need HPC resources operating reliably around the clock. In addition, the systems need to be easy to use, manage, and scale, while still being cost-effective. Altair’s PBS Works suite of HPC tools offers state-of-the-art solutions that are built to address these challenges.

Smart Multiphysics Co-simulation with MotionSolve and Simulink for Mechanical System Control

Smart Multiphysics: Optimizing Fatigue Life by Automating Sequential Simulation using Altair HyperWorks and nCode DesignLife

The Successful Application of HyperWorks at Lenovo
To increase efficiency, improve the quality of meshing and shorten CAE simulation time, Lenovo engineers needed to own a powerful pre-processing tool, one that would really meet the demands of scientific research and engineering innovation. For this task, they chose HyperMesh, an important component of the Altair HyperWorks suite.

为提高效率、提升网格划分质量并缩短CAE 仿真时间,联想的工程师们需要一款可以真正满足科研与工程创新需求的强大前处理工具。而作为Altair HyperWorks 中重要模块之
一,HyperMesh 便成为了他们的不二之选。

Samsung Uses OptiStruct to Redesign Washing Machine Component for Optimized Weight and Material Usage
To carry out optimization on the pulley, Suzhou Samsung chose OptiStruct, a key
component of Altair’s HyperWorks suite of computer-aided engineering tools and a
modern structural analysis and optimization solver. “OptiStruct provided us with important optimization features,” said Mr. Cheng, “such as topology, size and shape optimization. We were particularly interested in topology optimization to obtain the most efficient
structure or distribution of material used in the structure.”

为了实现皮带轮的优化设计,苏州三星选择了OptiStruct,Altair HyperWorks计算机辅助工程工具和现代结构分析与优化求解器的重要部分。“OptiStruct给我们提供了重要的优化功能,比如拓扑、尺寸和形状优化。”程工说,“我们对通过拓扑优化来获得最有效结构或材料布局特别感兴趣。”

HyperWorks Enables Global Appliance Manufacturer to Use New Material for Stronger, Lower-Cost Product
To qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the stress on the door cover during thermal expansion and contraction, the engineers used HyperMesh, a high-performance finite element pre-processor and RADIOSS, a modern structural analysis and optimization solver, both of which are part of Altair’s HyperWorks suite of computer-aided engineering tools. With these tools, engineers created a computerized simulation of the refrigerator door cover temperature field, employing HyperMesh to create a finely meshed model of the upper and lower covers, while shell elements were used to mesh the steel plate and interior lining, along with solid elements for the foaming material.

为了定性和定量分析门盖在热胀冷缩过程中的应力,工程师们利用HyperMesh,高性能的有限元前处理器,和RADIOSS,现代的结构分析和优化求解器,两者都是Altair HyperWorks计算机辅助工程工具的组成部分。利用这些工具,工程师创造了一个冰箱门盖温度场计算机模拟,利用HyperMesh建立上、下盖的精细的有限元模型,用壳单元划分钢板内胆的网格,以及发泡料采用体网格。

C2RJ2012 CFD で進化する競技用自転車のパフォーマンス

Communicate and Collaborate with PLM Systems in HyperWorks

Solving Real-Life Problems with CFD Parallel Performance of AcuSolve on Cray Systems

Clemson University Chooses PBS Professional for HPC Workload Management
Clemson University's IT department, Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT), selected PBS Professional over open-source alternatives for mission-critical workload management. "We were looking to fulfill two requirements that our open source scheduling tool could not handle – reliability/scalability and technical support. After evaluating workload management vendors, Altair’s PBS Professional scheduling software came out on top as the solution that met our HPC needs."

克莱姆森大学选择 PBS Professional 作为 HPC 作业负载管理
克莱姆森大学的IT部门,克莱姆森大学计算机与信息技术(CCIT),选择在PBS Professional替代开源产品进行重要任务的作业负载管理。 “我们正需要满足两个要求,这是我们的开源调度工具无法处理的——可靠性、可扩展性和技术支持。在评估作业负载管理供应商后,Altair PBS Professional调度软件技高一筹,是符合我们HPC需求的解决方案。”

Altair Product Design Brochure
Our unique approach to product design includes an aggressive application of
simulation technology and automation from within the HyperWorks suite, with
a focus on weight efficiency through optimization. The result is a development
process with reduced risk and shorter cycle times, delivering products that
meet performance and mass targets, on time.

HyperWorks, especially OptiStruct is one of the central tools supporting the CAE efforts of BASF Engineering Plastics
Mathematical optimisation methods can provide significant support in virtual CAE part development. In the early phases of the project topology optimisation affords valuable clues to the design of the geometry of the part.


Dana Adopts Altair’s SimLab to Automate Meshing of Powertrain Models with Dramatic Time Savings
Dana Holding Corporation is a world
leader in driveline, sealing, and thermalmanagement
technologies that improve
fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and
lower the cost of ownership in passenger,
commercial and off-highway vehicles.
Dana's 25,000 employees operate in
27 countries within a network of some
90 engineering, manufacturing and
distribution facilities.
Computer simulation of powertrain
components—entailing the creation of
very large models with 25,000 surfaces or
more—has long been an important aspect
of Dana’s product development process.
For many years, the company’s engineers
have employed a standard industry
methodology of transforming CAD designs
into prototypes, analyzing the prototype
to observe failure points, redesigning
the prototype and retesting until the
product met specifications.

Dana利用Altair SimLab实现动力总成模型 的自动网格划分,大幅节省时间
Dana 控股公司是全球动力传动系统、密封以及热管理技术领域的领军者,始终致力于通过以上技术实现乘用车、商用车以及非公路用车辆的节能减排及其拥有成本的降低。Dana 公司拥有 25,000 名员工,在全球 27 个国家设有 90 多个工程、制造以及配送机构。动力总成组件的计算机仿真始终是 Dana 产品开发流程中至关重要的一个环节,在此仿真中需创建具有 25,000 多个表面的超大模型。 多年来,Dana 的工程师们已开发出一套标准化行业方法,用于将 CAD 设计转化为样品,然后对其进行分析以发现故障点,进而重新设计样品并重新测试,直至产品达到特定要求。

Dante Sanchez Discusses the Optimization of Mabe's White Goods Packaging
For white goods manufacturer Mabe, the quality of the design and engineering of their home appliances is paramount. The objectives of this project were to simulate the effect of the distribution environment events to a washer and dryer product and perform optimization to improve product protection while reducing material costs and weight.

HyperWorks in Education – Lightweight Design Lecture at the IFB (Institut für Flugzeugbau), University Stuttgart
Since simulation and optimization are growingly becoming more important in the everyday work life of an engineer, the IFB Stuttgart has been offering a class in lightweight design for several years, using HyperWorks to teach students all the fundamentals they need to know about FE,
pre- and post-processing, and optimization tasks. This lecture enables the students to design weight optimized components in a state-of-the-art design process and allows them to gain experience in the usage of modern CAE tools.

2013 Altairテクノロジーカンファレンス-Day2 講演資料

2013 Altairテクノロジーカンファレンス-Day1 ワークショップ HyperWorks 1

  • 進化した自動メッシング(PDF) HyperMeshおよびBatchMesherの改善されたメッシュアルゴリズム、自動品質レポート、シェル要素板厚自動割り当て(MidMeshThickness)、部品入れ替えなどの新機能を紹介します。
  • 最新版 衝突、安全解析セットアップツール(PDF) 大規模モデルへの対応、インクルードファイル管理、部品入れ替えの自動処理、HyperFormと連携し初期ひずみ等を考慮したモデルの自動セットアップ、安全解析ツール、モデルチェッカーのデモを行います。
  • 車体モデルを一覧管理 - Assembly Browser(PDF) Assembly BrowserではPLMと連携し、車体の各部品情報をリストで表示、管理できます。材料、板厚などの確認、不足情報の検出およびレポート作成を自動で行うため、設計部門に簡単に素早く問い合わせを行えます。
  • メッシュを切る前から効率化 - CADエラー分析ツール(PDF) 貫通チェック、スポット溶接不具合チェック、ボルトとナットの不適合等さまざまなCADの問題を事前に検出するツール、および設計者に提出するための3次元レポートの自動生成ツールについて紹介します。
  • 流用メッシュの調査、レポート(PDF) 新規の設計において、全体の6~9割に既存部品を流用する場合があります。既存部品が流用されているかどうかを自動で検出し、レポートを作成します。
  • データ管理 - Collaboration Tools(PDF) Collaboration ToolsはHyperMesh内でCAEデータを自動で整理、検査、検索できるツールです。バージョンの管理、比較も可能で、PLMのリポジトリに接続し、CADデータを直接読み込むことができます。
2013 Altairテクノロジーカンファレンス-Day1 ワークショップ HyperWorks 2
パワートレイン シミュレーション・トータルソリューション

2013 Altairテクノロジーカンファレンス-Day1 ワークショップ HyperWorks 3

  • AcuSolve 12.0の新機能および音響ソルバーAcuFwhのご紹介(PDF) AcuSolveは、精度 / スピード / ロバスト性に優れた3次元汎用熱流体解析ソルバーです。 当セッションでは、最新バージョン12.0の新機能を中心に、デモを交えて紹介します。また、新しいモジュールである空力解析ツールVWT(Virtual Wind Tunnel:仮想風洞)やAcuSolve単体での流体騒音解析を可能とする音響ソルバーAcuFwhの機能について解説し、その適用事例なども紹介します。
  • AcuSolveとRADIOSS の流体構造連成解析機能のご紹介(ZIP) AcuSolveを中心とした流体構造連成機能(FSI: Fluid Structure Interaction)について紹介します。AcuSolveには従来から豊富な連成機能があり、固有値解析結果を用いるユニークな手法、構造解析ソルバーとの直接連成などが挙げられます。それぞれRADIOSSとの連成も可能であり、HyperWorks 12.0からは、AcuSolveとRADIOSSの直接連成がWindows OSにも対応しました。
2013 Altairテクノロジーカンファレンス-Day1 ワークショップ HyperWorks 4

  • HyperMesh で機構解析のらくらくセットアップ(PDF) OptiStructとMotionSolveのインターフェース機能を活用してOptiStruct の入力データで簡単な機構解析を実行する方法を紹介します。 HyperMeshを使った作業ですので、機構解析の専任者ではない方にも 違和感なくご利用いただけます。
東亜工業- 衝突部材の製品開発
RADIOSS を利用した衝突部材の製品開発

  • PDFをダウンロード(1.8MB) RADIOSS を利用した衝突部材の製品開発
    「HyperWorks にRADIOSS が加わったことで、追加投資なしで衝突解析が行えるようになりました」
Investigating Aeroelastic Performance of Multi-MegaWatt Wind Turbine Rotors Using CFD
Recent trends in wind power technology are focusing on increasing power output through an increase in rotor diameter. As the rotor diameter
increases, aeroelastic effects become increasingly important in the design of an efficient blade. A detailed understanding of the fluid elastic
coupling can lead to improved designs; yielding more power, reduced maintenance, and ultimately leading to an overall reduction in the cost
of electricity. In this work, a high fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methodology is presented for performing fully coupled Fluid-
Structure Interaction (FSI) simulations of wind turbine blades and rotors using a commercially available flow solver, AcuSolve. We demonstrate
the technique using a 13.2 MW blade design.


Faster Design Changes with HyperWorks’ Morphing Technology
In the development of engine components PSA determines the lifetime of the intake manifold with a complex thermo mechanical calculation. Since the development process is distributed between PSA itself and a supplier, a design change of the intake manifold takes three weeks to be evaluated. For the supplier it has always been hard to correctly interpret the design improvements suggested by the PSA CAE engineers. Due to the three weeks of time, the iteration between OEM and
supplier takes, and because the overall development time is limited, the process just allowed a few design changes. Therefore the design of the manifold can become a critical task in the
engine development. With HyperWorks’ morphing technology (HyperMorph) it is possible to quickly implement design changes and hence to avoid intermediate CAD changes. With this process, only a single final CAD revision is needed when all improvements have been done. The new
workflow with HyperWorks’ morphing technology allows for a much faster evaluation cycle of two days instead of three weeks with the former process.

在发动机部件的开发中,PSA确定进气歧管复杂的热寿命计算。 由于开发过程在PSA自身和供应商之间是分布式,一个进气歧管的设计变更的评估需要三周。对于供应商来说,一直很难正确诠释PSA CAE工程师提出的设计改进建议。由于OEM和供应商之间的迭代需要三周时间,而整体开发的时间是有限的,设计流程中就只限少量设计变更。因此,该歧管的设计可以成为发动机开发的关键任务。HyperWorks的网格变形技术(HyperMorph)可以快速实现设计的变化,从而避免中间CAD的变化。在这个过程中,只有一个单一的最终CAD需要修改,而所有改进都已完成。HyperWorks的网格变形技术的新流程实现了更快的评估周期,从原先的三周缩短到两天。

Improved Mechanical Performance and Reduced Cost of a Solar Panel System with HyperWorks
HyperWorks proved to be exceptionally valuable in Luxon’s work for a major producer of a large-scale industrial panel system, which measures approximately 50 x 70 feet and rotates to track the sun. The company had a system in production but sought to lower the cost of manufacturing. Additionally, Luxon’s customer wanted to expand the geographic locations where the system could be installed successfully, so it asked Luxon to develop
a more robust support structure to ensure that the system would survive the seismic,
wind and snow loading that the product was likely to encounter in various parts of the world.


Consideration of uncertainties in forming simulation using HyperWorks
This was a 2013 European ATC presentation given by Markus Reinert from DTE Werkzeugtechnik GmbH & Co. KG. In the automotive industry, the lightweight is an increasingly important issue. This leads to the increased use of high strength steels and aluminum. These materials decrease the process capability of forming of many automotive components than conventional materials. It becomes more difficult to predict the feasibility of CAE methods.

Prediction of warpage in welded assemblies
This was a 2013 European ATC presentation given by Dr. Amin Sedighiamri from SABIC. Long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (PP-LGF) is a material often used in semi-structural automotive components, such as front-end module carriers, door modules, dashboard carriers and hatch back doors. Main process for the production of these parts is injection molding, which generates complex glass fibre length and orientation distributions during processing.

Sequentially Cold Forming Simulation of Complex Shaped Heavy Plates
This was a 2013 European ATC presentation given by Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Garke from Universität Rostock. Swept lines and derived double curved shapes are not only satisfying an esthetic concept, particularly in ship and offshore structure their implementation is essential for certain aspects like drag of the hull. In ship building it is often about one of a kind or miniseries manufacturing. Therefore the demand for a flexible production process for complex formed plates is at hand.

Process Simulation of Tube Stamping on HyperWorks Platform
This was a 2013 European ATC presentation given by Metin ÇALLI from Coskunöz Metal Form . The main targets of automotive industry can been represented by (a) the reduction of the vehicles environmental impact (pollutions, fuel consumption, CO2 emission), (b) the increase of safety (impact absorption performance, crash resistance, pedestrian safety, etc.), and (c) the improved accuracy and quality for easier, cheaper and more reliable joining and assembly of final components.

Fatigue Due to Random Loadings
This was a 2013 European ATC presentation given by Frédéric Kihm from HBM United Kingdom Limited. Fatigue damage is traditionally determined from time signals of stress or strain using the Rainflow method to extract fatigue cycles. This approach is satisfactory when the damaging events are deterministic and are represented by short data samples of extreme transient loads such as aircraft landing, or automobile potholes.

Sensitivity Evaluation of Welding Seams in Durability Analysis with FEMFAT
This was a 2013 European ATC presentation given by Axel Werkhausen from Manager FEMFAT Support. Modelling of welding seams is very different in most of the FE-codes. Some swear to the detailed modelling with every little detail – totally impractical with long weldseams. Some others like the idea to keep it simple, like FEMFAT users, who describe the seam by coincident nodes of two shell meshes.

DSHplus and AcuSolve - Fluid Power System Simulation Hand in Hand
This was a 2013 European ATC presentation given by Dr. Heiko Baum from FLUIDON Gesellschaft für Fluidtechnik mbH. Today the dynamic behavior of complex fluid power systems is typically simulated with 1D system simulation programs such as DSHplus. But, if accuracy requires modeling details at component level this technique comes to its limits. The representation of pressure losses of complex flow channel geometries, such as the bores in hydraulic manifold of heavy machinery or the customized pipe layouts in automotive applications or aerospace applications, cannot be achieved with a series connection of 1D system components.

Fan Optimization in Automotive Industry
This was a 2013 European ATC presentation given by Dr Macoumba N’DIAYE from Fluorem. SC/TETRA is an all-in-one general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software using unstructured mesh. It was developed with the specific purpose of "Easily enabling calculation of complex geometries".

Automotive is among the area which mainly use CFD calculation, like at Valeo, an automotive Tier 1 supplier whose thermal system department is responsible for the design, the development and the sale of fan systems for engine cooling (among others components for cooling systems).

Inspire Wheel Model
An Inspire model of a wheel optimization.

Pédale de frein - Inspire 2015
Modèle d'une pédale de frein automobile pour Inspire 2015

Inspire 2016のホイールのモデル
Inspire 2016のホイール最適化のモデルです。

Evolve Helmet Model
An Evolve model of a bicycle helmet created using Evolve's polygonal modeling and Nurbify tools.

Casque - Evolve 2015
Un modèle de casque de cyclisme créé en utilisant la modélisation polygonale et l'outil Nurbify d'Evolve 2015.

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