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Choosing the Right Solver in FEKO
One of the key features in FEKO is that it includes a broad set of unique and hybridized solvers, giving the possibility to combine methods to solve complex and electrically large problems, with all solvers included in the same package.

Presented by Jordi Soler, Director of Business Development, Electromagnetics, this webinar provides an overview and guide on how to choose the most appropriate method in FEKO.

Sharma & Associates
Sharma & Associates (SA), a Chicago-based consulting firm that is focused on providing engineering solutions to the railroad industry, led the effort. Since 1995, SA have delivered safe, effective and efficient solutions to its customers, which include the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), the Association of American Railroads (AAR), railroads and transit agencies, rail car builders and rail car component manufacturers. The objective of the Altair ProductDesign team effort was to develop an ‘Engineer Protection System (EPS)’ that can protect train crew in frontal collisions (a common mode of train collision) from secondary impact injuries.

FEKO Integrated in HyperWorks 14.0
Altair’s computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation software platform for simulation-driven innovation is Hyper- Works, which includes modeling, visualization, analysis and optimization technologies and solutions for structural, impact, electromagnetics, thermal, fluid, systems and manufacturing applications. The electromagnetics solver suite in HyperWorks is FEKO, a comprehensive electromagnetic analysis software used to solve a broad range of electromagnetic problems. It includes a set of hybridized solvers, giving the possibility to combine methods to solve complex and electrically large problems, with all solvers included in the same package.

MVD(Model Verification Director)ウェブセミナー
Model Verification Director(MVD)バージョン4の新機能を紹介するウェビナーです。

MVDは、設計 / CAEチームの担当者に代わって、自動でCADモデルの検証を行い、メッシング作業のプロセスを遅らせる潜在的な問題を見つけ出します。検証の結果はPowerPointおよびExcel形式で出力でき、3次元でモデルを確認することが可能です。検証項目と部品点数にもよりますが、90%の工数削減を達成したユーザー様もいらっしゃいます。

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[AOP]名古屋工業大学 - 押込試験によるアフリカツメガエル胚力学特性計測を目指した有限要素解析
山口和宏(名工大)、小平亜侑(名工大)、田村篤敬(鳥取大)、杉田修啓(名工大)、松本健郎(名工大) - 日本機会学界東海学生界第46回学生員卒業研究発表講演会講演前刷集(2015.03.12)掲載

[AOP]金沢工業大学 - ソーラーカーにおけるフレーム剛性が操縦安定性に及ぼす影響/Influence of Frame Stiffness on Handling Stability in Solar Vehicle
本研究では、マルチボディダイナミクスと呼ばれる解析手法を用いることでフレーム合成を変化させた車両運動解析を行うことができ、高精度のシミュレーションが実現できるようになり、時間や費用の削減をすることが可能である。 - 金沢工業大学/Kanazawa Institute of Technology 内山翔太、瀬戸雅宏、山部昌 ― 第24回交通・物流部門大会(TRANSLOG2015) [2015.10]

【日本語字幕】世界初3Dプリンティング金属製フレーム自転車 - Renishaw
Renishawは、solidThinking Inspireを使用して、世界初の3Dプリンティングされた金属製フレームの自転車を開発しました。

Minimising Mass and Increasing Durability of a Vehicle Suspension System Using OptiStruct
Gestamp selected Altair to develop a set of custom tools within HyperWorks, eliminating the need for an initial 'trial and error' design loop while reducing mass and increasing durability of a rear twist beam suspension system. The company achieved a reduction in lead time while producing competitive low cost, low mass RTB designs.

HyperMesh and Custom Export Template Streamline CFD Analysis in Research Projects at Arizona State University
Integrative Simulations & Computational Fluids Lab researchers from SEMTE (School for Engineering of Matter Transport and Energy) at the Arizona State University (ASU) wanted to use the commercial code HyperMesh as a general preprocessor to mesh complex geometries for use with the spectral element CFD code Nek5000. The challenge was to benefit from the rich functionality of existing meshing tools such as HyperMesh while using the Nek5000 code, since this CFD code requires 3D hexahedral elements. SEMTE researchers set up a project to develop a converter tool with which a HyperMesh mesh could be exported into a format the Nek5000 code could work with. With this export template the overall process is now much more user-friendly and less error-prone. The mesh is generated in HyperMesh and the export template organizes all the data and sorts it so it can be imported in the proper formats into the Nek5000 user template.

石油 / ガスコンポーネントエンジニアリングを改善するCray とAltair のソリューション
ライザーシステムの設計と解析を担当するオペレーターやエンジニア達は、CrayR XC30 ?スーパーコンピュータシステム上でAltair のAcuSolve CFD ソルバーを使用することで、コンポーネントの寿命を伸ばし、不確実性を低減し、要求の厳しい開発スケジュールを満たしながら、超深海システムの全体的な安全性を向上させることができます。

Electromagnetics in Electronics
Technology advancement in the electronic industry is unyielding, but new trends will build on RF communications to drive new product functionality. Some examples include the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G mobile networks and automation/smart technology.

Electromagnetic Design in the Electronic Industry
Technology advancement in the electronic industry is unyielding, but new trends will build on RF communications to drive new product functionality. Some examples include the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G mobile networks and automation/smart technology.

3D Systems
3D Systems utilized topology optimization, finite element analysis,  and generative design to conceptualize a new material layout for a 3D printed skateboard deck and trucks.

3D Systems社(英語事例)
3D Systems社は、開発プロセスにsolidThinking Inspireを取り入れることで、スケートボードのデッキとトラックの理想的な材料レイアウトを生成し、ユニークなスケートボードを開発しました。このスケートボードは、現在クーパー・ヒューイット国立デザイン博物館に展示されています。

U-Shin Improves Product Design of Automotive Parts with Altair CAE Solutions
U-Shin is a global automotive part supplier, specializing in the development and production of automotive system appliances and mechatronics products as well as on the research of element technologies. Safety, reliability, adaptability, quality, eco-friendliness, are among the major concerns of the company.

Intel Solution Brief: Altair and Simulation-Driven Design
Altair and Intel offer a simple, cost-effective on-ramp to a complete simulation-driven design platform. This paper describes joint offerings including HPC and CAE in the public cloud.

Specialized Wins at Le Tour de France with Altair HyperWorks
Learn how Specialized analyzed and improved the aerodynamic performance as well as optimized the weight and structural efficiency of the new S-Works Venge frame.

[AOP]金沢大学 - 小型医療機器の変形ストレス評価
医師の負担を減らすことを目的に、脳腫瘍摘出手術を行うための新しい医療器具の開発を目指した。 - 金沢大学 田中克幸、渡辺哲陽、米山猛 [2015.09]

Cabin Comfort - Analyze Airflows and Thermal Effects
It is cost prohibitive to rely on climatic wind tunnel tests in the initial vehicle HVAC system design process. Additionally, the passenger compartment airflow and thermal environment is one in a state of constant change requiring use of transient CFD simulations.

In this 45-minutes complimentary session, we will give an overview of Altair’s CFD solution to simulate the airflow in the passenger compartment and include all relevant thermal effects such as convection, conduction and radiation heat transfer in the cabin. The geometry model of the vehicle interior is based on an Altair-developed generic cabin model. This geometry is used to demonstrate the model build and execution process including how to automate the model build process.

試作やデザインで自動車メーカーの開発をサポートするフィアロコーポレーションは、フィジカルモデルによるテストを実施せず、CAEソフト"HyperWorks"によるシミュレーションを活用することで、ライトウェイトスポーツカー"P75 CIPHER(サイファー)"の製作を実現させた。

Intel Solution Brief: Maximize Performance and Scalability with RADIOSS on Intel® Xeon®
This paper summarizes the findings of a benchmark project to evaluate the performance and scalability of RADIOSS on Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v2 family-based platforms.

Ford's Thoughts on Relationship with Altair for Lightweighting
John Viera, Global Director, Sustainability and Vehicle Environmental Matters at Ford Motor Company, gives his thoughts on the relationship with Altair and its importance as the company continues to drive down vehicle weight.

【Tips動画】HyperViewの結果演算機能「Derived Result」の活用例

Safety Comes First – Development of a Maxi-Cosi Child Seat Using a CAE-Driven Design Process
When developing a new child seat, safety is
paramount. Dorel Juvenile, market leader in
child safety in cars, was confronted with the
task to develop a new child seat - the
Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl. To investigate
and analyze the best feasible design,
considering the occurring forces during an
accident, Dorel Juvenile turned to Code
Product Solutions, an engineering service
provider that supports their customers
in the development and optimization of
products, using computer-aided engineering
(CAE) tools. Within the development process,
Code Product Solutions engineers employed
the Altair HyperWorks CAE suite utilizing
RADIOSS® for crash simulation, OptiStruct®
for the layout of highly loaded plastic
parts that comprise the reclining system,
HyperMesh® for pre-processing tasks,
and HyperCrash® and HyperView® during

Improving Rudder Shock Loading Following a Nearby Blast Event Using RADIOSS
Engineers in the Marine, Shipbuilding,
and Offshore industries face many
design challenges including physical
space constraints, extreme weather
conditions, deep water and remote
locations. These constraints create an
extreme environment for the engineer
to develop a sound, reliable and safe
operating platform.

Seat Design for Crash in the Cloud - NAFEMS World Congress 2015
The benefit of design exploration and optimization is understood and accepted by engineers but the required intensive computational resources have been a challenge for their adoption into the design process. The HyperWorks Unlimited (HWUL) appliance provides an effective solution to these challenges as it seamlessly connects all the necessary tools together in the cloud. The aim of this study is to showcase the benefits of HWUL on an optimization driven design of a complex system. For this purpose an automotive seat design for
crash loadcases is selected.

FIAT Customer Story
FIAT chose Altair ProductDesign as a partner to perform a pilot project to investigate squeak and rattle. The project focused on studying issues on the FIAT UNO, a vehicle made exclusively for the South American market. Altair ProductDesign suggested that FIAT implement Altair’s ‘Squeak and Rattle Director’ (SNRD), a comprehensive set of services and software automations that rapidly identify and analyze design alternatives to eliminate the root causes of squeak and rattle in assemblies. With customization from the Altair ProductDesign team, the solution provides a semi-automated approach to determine relative component displacements in the time domain that can lead to undesired noise. A dedicated four day workshop facilitated a fast ramp-up of the NVH team’s knowledge of the SNRD and helped Altair to identify FIAT’s specific design process that the solution could be tailored to.

Baker Hughes Drills 60% off Product Development Time With HyperWorks-Driven Simulation
One of the world’s leading suppliers
of oilfield services, products, technology
and systems, Baker Hughes operates globally
with nearly 59,000 employees. The company,
headquartered in Houston, Texas, recently
recorded $21.4 billion in annual revenue
from sales of both services and highly
innovative products for the world’s oil
and natural gas industry.

Fluid - Structure Interaction Analysis and Optimization of an Automotive Component
This paper discusses the behavior of a flexible flap at the rear end of a generic car model under
aerodynamic loads. A strong bidirectional coupling between the flap’s deflection and the flow
field exists which requires this system to be simulated in a coupled fluid-structure manner.

Tanker Truck Sloshing Simulation Using Bi-directionally Coupled CFD and Multi-Body Dynamics Solvers
In this work, the multi-disciplinary problem arising from fluid sloshing within a partially filled
tanker truck undergoing lateral acceleration is investigated through the use of multiphysics
coupling between a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver and a multi-body dynamics
(MBD) solver. This application represents a challenging test case for simulation technology
within the design of commercial vehicles and is intended to demonstrate a novel approach
in the field of computer aided engineering.

【日本語字幕】スイスの鉄道会社 Stadler Rail社
スイスの鉄道メーカーStadler Railは、試作車を作らず、契約後8ヶ月で最終デザインを完成させるため、HyperMesh、HyperView、OptiStructを、モデリング、ポスト処理、構造最適化に用い、開発時間の短縮に成功しました。

Advanced Features for External Automotive Aerodynamics Using AcuSolve
Watch this 45-minute webinar to learn more on the use of advanced features for solving “on road” external automotive aerodynamics with Altair’s CFD solver AcuSolve. The webinar will focus on the analysis of external aerodynamics for passenger and racing vehicles while performing turning maneuvers. AcuSolve’s mesh motion capabilities, along with real time cosimulation with Altair’s multi-body dynamics solver, MotionSolve give engineers the ability to better simulate actual road conditions.

Altair HyperWorks × PHIARO "P75 CIPHER"
株式会社フィアロコーポレーション様が創業75周年の節目に、2人乗りスポーツカー“P75 CIPHER”を自社開発しました。HyperWorks のソルバーを活用し、CAE のみの完全バーチャルによって作成した、実走可能なスポーツカーです。すべてのCAE解析をHyperWorks製品群で行っており、どの部分にどのように適用されたのかをご覧いただける動画となっています。

Application of HyperWorks for Collaborative/Global Computer-Aided Engineering And Design Instruction at Brigham Young University
For a recent ME 471 class, a team of five students re-engineered the chassis/suspension platform for a 1969 Chevrolet Camero. At the conclusion of the project, the team presented a comprehensive review of their re-design vehicle to a panel of PACE program representatives and partners. Key to arriving at an efficient design was the early application of Altair topology optimization to the chassis, suspension, and wheel design of the vehicle. Altair HyperMesh was applied to generate finite element models that formed the basis for the topology optimization studies. The team results showed that 

The chassis mass was reduced by 34% through the application of topology optimization. The suspension control arm mass was reduced by 28%. The team was able to apply the Altair HyperWorks simulation tools in a seamless manner with the Catia-based CAD data that was generated for the vehicle re-design.

2015 JATC / FEKO ユーザーミーティング
昨年Altair はEMSS 社を買収し、高周波電磁ソルバーFEKO をHyperWorks 製品群に加えました。本ユーザーミーティングでは、FEKO の最新機能や開発計画の紹介に加え、高周波電磁波解析の概要や解析対
象についての解説、FEKO を構成するソフトウェアや事例の紹介などを行いました。

2015 JATC / solidThinking デザインコミュニティ
本コミュニティでは、日本インダストリアルデザイナー協会(JIDA)で理事を務めておられるアルテサーノ・デザイン合同会社 吉田晃永様を基調講演者としてお迎えし、デザイン開発におけるツールの活用術についてご講演いただきました。また、各社様におけるデザイン事例をご発表いただいた他、デザインの本場イタリアより弊社スタッフが来日し、有名ブランドを含む各国のユーザー事例や最新バージョンについてご紹介しました。

UK ATC 2015: How Analysis & Optimisation Help Meet the Time Consstraints in F1
Presentation by Simon Gardner, Sahara Force India

UK ATC 2015: Automated Post Processing of Multimodel Optimisation Data
Presentation by Markus Schemat, BMW Group

UK ATC 2015: Optimisation Driven Design and Additive Manufacturing Applied for ESA Sentinel-1 Antenna
Presentation by Alejandro Cervantes Herrera, Altair

UK ATC 2015: Optimised Rear Twist Beam Design
Presentation by Andrew Charlesworth, Gestamp

UK ATC 2015: A Systematic Approach to Weight Saving of Trailer Towing Systems at Jaguar Land Rover
Presentation by Andrew Blows, Jaguar Land Rover

ATC UK 2015: Enhancing Drop Testing Simulation for Luxury Smartphones
Presentation by Alexandre Michat & Paul Sharp

UK ATC 2015: Enhancing Drop Testing Simulation for Luxury Smartphones
Presentation by Alexandre Michat & Paul Sharp

UK ATC 2015: Dynamic Explicit Analysis & Assessment of a Ships Steering Gear
Presentation by David Hunt, Assystem

UK ATC 2015: CFD - A Practical Tool for Large Passenger Carrying Vehicles
Presentation by Laurence Wood, Plaxton

Indian Engineering Institute CoEP Establishes CAE Optimization Center Employing Altair HyperWorks
This success story illustrates how a reputed engineering institute of national acclaim has set-up a CAE - Optimization Lab, equipped with Altair HyperWorks CAE tools, to expose their students to the latest technologies in product design, analysis, and optimization.
Within the range of the CAE - Optimization Lab, CoEP has launched various courses to impart knowledge on Altair HyperWorks. This CoEP initiative bridges the gap between industry expectations and needs and the knowledge that graduating students possess. Being trained on advanced and contemporary technologies such as the HyperWorks
suite has opened new opportunities for students to embark their career, has improved the national ranking of the college due to investing in a modern and robust infrastructure, and also has benefitted the industry by creating a talent pool of well-trained manpower, available to work on breakthrough engineering initiatives.

OptiStruct for Linear Analysis
The purpose of this self paced course is to cover the basic topics for OptiStruct Linear Analysis. The Setup sections will use the See It, Try It, Do It methodology to cover the concepts. See It allows you to watch a video demonstration of the exercise covered in the section.

2015 Japan Altairテクノロジーカンファレンスにおいて開催された、国内外の主要ユーザー様の先進事例や米国Altair 本社の開発責任者からの製品ロードマップなど、クラウドの可能性を最大限に活用するためのAltair クラウドソリューションをご紹介するセミナーの講演資料です。

Efficient Design and Analysis of Airborne Radomes

FEKO Webinar Recording: Radar Cross Section & Antenna Design
Due to the size and complexity of a Navy ship at sea, proper calculation of radar cross section and of antenna coverage has long been elusive.

This webinar will show how, with hybrid numerical methods available today, this has become possible.

The practical pros and cons of various methods will be introduced, after which results for a broad frequency range will be shown, up to many GHz for a realistic large Navy frigate.

Fatigue Life from Sine-on-Random Excitation
Fatigue life prediction of structures whose natural frequencies lie near the frequencies of the input loading requires the stress results from dynamic analyses. These analyses can be performed in either the time or the frequency domains depending on the nature or the loading. This presentation will outline the approaches available for fatigue life prediction using Altair OptiStruct and APA product, nCode DesignLife for both time and frequency based dynamic analyses. The strengths, weaknesses and assumptions of each approach will be presented, along with typical applications enabling the user to select the proper technique for their particular use case.

2015JATC_Altair's Approach to Model-Based Development [英語]
Altair's Approach to Model-Based Development / Altair, Michael Hoffmann

HyperWorksを用いた衝突解析レポートの高速自動作成 本田技術研究所 菊池徹様

OptiStructによる複写機本体フレームの軽量化 リコー 伊藤様

2015JATC_"P75 CIPHER"の開発におけるHyperWorksの活用
"P75 CIPHER"の開発におけるHyperWorksの活用 フィアロコーポレーション 松本様

航空機構造におけるファスナ結合部のFEMモデル作成自動化 三菱重工業 岡様

2015JATC_MVD モデリングにかかる時間をさらに削減
『Model Verification Director』モデリングにかかる時間をさらに削減 Altair ラビ デビッド

2015JATC_最新PCクラスタによるAcuSolve性能評価 富士通HPC
最新PCクラスタにおけるAcuSolve性能評価と富士通HPCのご紹介 富士通システムズ・イースト 山浦様

カーエアコン用コンプレッサーの開発におけるMotionSolve活用 ヴァレオジャパン 高橋様

船舶設計におけるHyperWorksの活用事例 サノヤス造船 黒田様

2015JATC_Boosting HyperWorks Further with Electromagnetic Simulation [英語]
Boosting HyperWorks Further with Electromagnetic Simulation / Altair, Jordi Soler

磁気ディスク装置(HDD)機構系CAEへのHyperWorksの導入 HGSTジャパン 小林様

スズキにおける設計者CAEの取り組み スズキ株式会社 砂山様

HyperWorksソルバーによる音響解析機能のご紹介 Altair 中川、工藤

2015JATC_OptiStruct Driving Powertrain Innovation [英語]
OptiStruct Driving Powertrain Innovation / Altair, Arnaud Sohier

2015JATC_OptiStructを用いた木材複合技術の開発と自転車フレームへの応用 [英語]
OptiStructを用いた木材複合技術の開発と自転車フレームへの応用 AERO BICYCLE ジェレフ様

2015JATC_トランスミッション放射音低減に関する研究 [英語]
トランスミッション放射音低減に関する研究 いすゞ中央研究所 富樫様

OptiStructを用いた三角柱形タンクの接水振動特性とその補強法にかんする考察 九州大学大学院 松尾様

Altairクラウドソリューション Altair 堀籠

HyperWorksを活用したスポーツ用具の設計事例 ミズノ株式会社 山田様

2015JATC_境界非線形性の考慮によるギヤノイズ予測精度の向上 [英語]
境界非線形性の考慮によるギヤノイズ予測精度の向上 トヨタ自動車 武川様

機構・流体相互相関を考慮した車両操縦安定性解析 Altair 芝野

OptiStructを用いたエンジン部品の最適設計 三菱自動車工業 新井様

[AOP]石巻専修大学 - FSAEルールに基づいた学生フォーミュラカーのフレーム作り
石巻専修大学大学院 理工学研究科 奥津勝太

[AOP]埼玉工業大学 - HyperWorksを用いた歯車結合要素の力学特性解析
本研究では、歯車結合要素の接触応力分布など力学特性を検討するため、汎用解析ソフトHyperWorksを利用して、歯車結合要素の静的応力解析を行い、さらに有限要素法の解析結果を理論解に比較して、解析結果の妥当性について検討を行う。― 埼玉工業大学 何帥、周欣偉、鈴木海斗、佐藤慶太、趙希禄 [2015.07]

FEKO Webinar Recording: EM Design in the Electronics Industry
This webinar covers FEKO’s role in the design and optimization cycle’s typical to the electronics industry. These include early stage antenna selection, automated optimization, tolerance analysis and what-if trade-off investigations. Antenna integration, matching and performance for various conditions are also discussed.

Présentation en ligne sur la simulation dynamique des mécanismes
Notre Expert, Thierry Bernard, vous présente, les possibilités offertes par Altair en terme de simulation dynamique des mécanismes.

【日本語字幕】Manz AGの成功事例
自動化装置を製造販売から生産ライン全体の提供までを手がけるManz AG社は、積層材の最適化にOptiStructを使用することでコストの削減に成功しました。
*日本語字幕は、左上に表示される[CC]の部分でON / OFFを切り替えてください。 R&D North America R&D North America utilizes HyperView to investigate test results, using the data to inform decisions on methods to improve designs. This data will often be used to create reports and presentations during the development process, using images and animations generated by HyperView to illustrate particular areas of a component where additional work may be required. However, exporting these assets is a highly manual process of loading in results, positioning the model and taking screenshots. To allow its engineers to concentrate efforts on exploring and interpreting the results, R&D North America wanted a way of automating this process.

【日本語字幕】Anadolu Isuzuの成功事例
Anadolu Isuzuが、NVH、熱、空力、システムエンジニアリング等にHyperWorksを使用し、品質を損なうことなく開発時間の短縮に成功しました。
*日本語字幕は、左上に表示される[CC]の部分でON / OFFを切り替えてください。

Renishaw presents the first 3D printed metal bike based on solidThinking Inspire results
Renishaw's Product Marketing Engineer David Ewing is talking about the use of solidThinking Inspire for the first bike ever built with additive manufacturing and how optimization technology is essential to additive manufacturing.

Design of a Fuel Cell Race Car for the Annual Shell Eco-Marathon with Altair Products
The student team of the university of applied sciences in Munich participates in the annual Shell Eco-Marathon. The team has to develop a very light and highly efficient race car within less than a year. As there is no time for prototyping, simulation is mandatory. Altair provided the race team with the necessary software. The team secured 3rd place in the 2015 edition of the race!

Ford Research Center - Interview with Dr. Niels Pasligh
Niels Pasligh from Ford Research Center Aachen, Germany, is talking about his team's challenges and how they work with Altair products to tackle these.

【Altair情報誌】Concept to Reality Japan Winter/Spring 2015- 日本語版
米国本社Altair Engineering, Inc.が発行する技術情報誌「Concept to Reality」の翻訳記事に、日本独自の技術、製品、イベント情報を追加したものです。【INDEX】トポロジー最適化と3D プリンティングの組み合わせが設計のイノベーションを加速 / 業務用電動工具の開発を支えるシミュレーションテクノロジー / NASA が複合材機体の被雷時の損傷を検出するワイヤレスセンサーを開発 / JSF のパイロットの体温上昇を抑える冷却ユニット / 最適化テクノロジー: 確かな技術を活用し、より優れた製品を開発する - 2015年発行

Stanley Black & Decker 社のブランドであるDeWalt ではCAE を軸にして、ハイエンドで長寿命の業務用電動工具を開発しています。-Concept to Reality Japan Winter/Spring 2015- 日本語版掲載

PBS Professional®データシート
業界をリードするHPC ワークロード管理およびジョブスケジューリングソフトウェア

HyperWorks Unlimited™ Virtual Appliance
クラウド上の無限大の設計検討環境 - HPC を数分で利用開始

設計エンジニアのためのコンセプト設計ツール solidThinking Inspire

CAEのためのモデリングにかかる時間を劇的に削減する『Model Verification Director』(MVD)についてのウェブセミナーの動画およびPDF資料。

Haier Redesigns Air Conditioners and Packaging with Altair HyperWorks to Eliminate Drop Damage
Haier Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliances and consumer electronics. The company is the leader of its industry in China, where it is headquartered.

Haier ships its products all across the globe and in more than 100 countries, so well designed product packaging is crucial to the company’s ability to deliver products without damage to even the farthest destinations.

Download the Case study to see how Altair was able to reduce costs of physical testing and eliminate drop damage using simulated drop testing with HyperWorks.




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FEKO Webinar: EM Field Considerations in Healthcare
This webinar covers several case studies highlighting how electromagnetics simulation is applied to develop technology for the healthcare industry.

FEKO Webinar: EM Field Considerations in Healthcare
This webinar covers several case studies highlighting how electromagnetics simulation is applied to develop technology for the healthcare industry.


Time v Frequency Domain Analysis For Large Automotive Systems
It has been recognised since the 1960’s that the frequency domain method for structural analysis offers superior qualitative information about structural response; But computational and technological issues have held back the implementation for fatigue calculation until now. Recent technological developments have now enabled the practical implementation of the frequency domain approach and this paper will demonstrate this, with particular reference to the technology limitations that have been overcome, the resultant performance advantages, and accuracy. These techniques are of relevance to all the large automotive OEM’s as well as aerospace T1 suppliers and example case studies from these companies will be included.

Re-Loc is a UK based company that developed a new product to help to accelerate the process of positioning metal reinforcement bars inside concrete bricks. The Re-Loc product is a clip that fits tightly inside the brick’s cavity and attaches to the bar, holding it securely in place as the cavity is fillled with concrete. The team had already developed a rough design and proved that it could perform its intended job, but problems arose when it came to the high manufacturing cost of the product. Re-Loc approached Altair ProductDesign to explore ways of reducing material use and cost from the part and to bring the design to a production level.

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