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Practical Aspects of Structural Optimization
This study guide aims to provide a basic introduction in the different optimization methods. Designed for users who are interested to learn more about the “inspiring” world of optimization.

Five Common Mistakes made Running Topology Optimization
Topology optimization is an approach that optimizes the material distribution within a given design space, for a given set of loads and boundary conditions, to meet a set of performance targets. Using topology optimization at a concept level can help you achieve the best performing design while saving time by replacing costly design iterations.

SimSolid Drives Down Analysis Time at Don-Bur
Truck trailer manufacturer, Don-Bur, discuss the challenges its engineering team was having with simulation in SolidWorks, and how a move to SimSolid has cut its simulation time from hours to a just few minutes.

Magneto Vibro Acoustic Design of PWM Fed Induction Machines
Induction Motors (IM) are widely used in various industries. To ensure their speed control, IM will be supplied with pulse width modulation (PWM). This kind of supply, can impact efficiency of the motor and degrade its vibro-acoustic behavior, generating noise nuisance. To tackle these technical challenges and ensure best-in class acoustic comfort for users, it is necessary to design a quiet e-motors at the early stage of design.
The first aim of this paper is to show a new method to reduce noise and vibration due to PWM supply of induction machine. The proposed approach allows the passive reduction of air-gap flux density harmonics in an induction machine. The second interest, is to show a new method to analyze the vibro-acoustic behavior of a PWM-fed IM. The method is fully finite element (FE) computation. Finally, the third interest of this article, is to compare noise and vibration results between the proposed FE method, magneto-vibro-acoustic coupling and measurements. Good agreement between measurements and computation will be shown.

Optimizing CAE Data Preparation Processes Using CADdoctor
As the use of 3D data throughout the produce lifecycle broadens, it is ever more essential to prepare high-quality 3D CAD geometry models to streamline the entire simulation process. CADdoctor is a tool to streamline CAD geometry preparation to make the data suitable for the HyperMesh simulation process. This helps to achieve reducing your simulation lead time and improving the accuracy of the simulation result. This presentation will be an introduction to one of the leading software on the Altair Partner Alliance and how this software has been benefitting users throughout the globe.

Drivers...Start Your Simulation? University of Texas – Arlington uses Altair SimLab™ and Altair Optistruct™ to design an adjustable pedal box for their Formula SAE racecar
Formula SAE is a collegiate design series run by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), which challenges students to design, build and compete with an open wheel style car across various events. The competition pitches various teams across different static events focusing on the teams engineering design decisions, cost planning, marketing strategies and vehicle inspections. The teams also have to compete under various dynamic events like acceleration, skid-pad, autocross and the endurance run where even the fuel economy is checked.

建築土木の課題に応える 統合型シミュレーションソフトウェアAltair HyperWorks
Altair HyperWorksは世界中のゼネコンや設計事務所で採用されているCAEソフトウェアツール群です。HyperWorksのライセンスシステムひとつで様々な解析を行えます。

ATC2019-OptiStructを用いた射出成形品の最適ゲート位置探索方法 - ポリプラスチックス株式会社
青木 現 様


OptiStruct – Nonlinear Axisymmetric Analysis
Nonlinear axisymmetric analysis with OptiStruct.

Product: OptiStruct
Product Version: OptiStruct 2019.0 or above

Topic Objective
Nonlinear axisymmetric analysis with OptiStruct.

Topic Detail
Analyzing a symmetrical portion of a structure means faster processing than if you modeled the whole structure.Axisymmetric CTAXI with 3 and 6 node tria-elements, where always available for linear analysis. From 2019.0 we support axisymmetric quad-elements with 4 or 8 nodes.

Axisymmetric Elements
Axisymmetric are available for tria & quad elements for both
  • 1st order
  • 2nd order

    For linear analysis, & nonlinear static analysis
    • Small displacement
    • Large displacement

    Contact support for Axisymmetric elements (Supported from V 2019.1)
    • N2S and S2S CONTACT and TIE are supported for axisymmetric modeling.
    • Currently, contact for axisymmetry is supported only for small sliding.
    • The Contact Smoothing option is also not supported.

    Axisymmetric are not supported yet for:
    • Inertia relief analysis in LGDISP nonlinear analysis
    • Hyper-elastic materials
    • Optimization with non-linear

  • Altair Inspire – Mesh Control
    How to use the mesh control option in Altair Inspire.

    Product: Altair Inspire

    Product Version: Altair Inspire 2018.1 or above

    Topic Objective
    Mesh control option in Altair Inspire.

    Topic Details
    Mesh controls have been added to assign an element size to parts or faces. This option would help to assign a smaller element size near critical location.

    The element size dictates the quality of your analysis or optimization results. In general, the smaller the element size, the more accurate the result.

    Simulation-Driven Design of Sheet-Metal Components
    A good Design is not complete unless it meets desired performance and qualifies for efficient manufacturing. Design of sheet-metal components demand the following, From a Design perspective - if sheet-metal can be used for intended design, their sizing & shape, choice of material, weight and cost.
    From Manufacturability perspective - manufacturing feasibility of the designed shape, allowable thinning and wrinkling limits, addressing process constrains and importantly forming feasibility.

    Leveraging Simulation to drive the design as it unfolds at the concept generation stage, helps design engineers to accrue downstream benefits upfront.

    Improving Performance Using FEKO and HyperStudy at Northrop Grumman
    Scott Burnside, Senior Antenna & RF Engineer at Northrop Grumman, explains how Altair Feko and HyperStudy can be combined to design and optimize antennas for land vehicles, helicopters, and aircrafts.

    OptiStruct – Mode Tracking and Rotor Energy from Complex Eigen Value Analysis
    OptiStruct – Mode Tracking and Rotor Energy from Complex Eigen Value Analysis

    Product: OptiStruct

    Product Version: OptiStruct 2019.0 or above

    Topic Objective
    Mode tracking and rotor energy from complex eigen value analysis with OptiStruct.

    Topic Detail
    Mode Tracking is now available for rotor dynamics with complex eigenvalue analysis
    • It is mapping the mode-shapes of a system from one state to another.
    • Tracking is carried out using various methods shown in the below bulk card.
    • Assumption is that the two states are close for eigenvectors to retain orthogonality across states.
    • Mode-tracking in rotor dynamics tracks modes across rotor speeds and yields a much better Campbell diagram, as shown below.

    OptiStruct – Key Performance Indicator Output
    OptiStruct – Key Performance Indicator Output

    Product Version: OptiStruct 2018.0 or above

    Topic Objective
    Key performance indicator output in OptiStruct.

    Topic Detail
    KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
    • OUTPUT,KPI or DISP(KPI) .kpi ascii file is output
    • Currently supported for linear and nonlinear static analysis
    • Max value for displacement/stress/strain/plastic strain based on groups by property
    • Stresses and strains are supported for shells and solids

    KPI output filtered for user specified property (Available with V 2019.1)
    • KPI output is limited to the grids/elements within the output sets. Set of property could be used to request the KPI output only for a list of properties.

    Analysis Page: Control card: OUTPUT: KPI

    OptiStruct – Section Force Output from Pretension Bolt
    OptiStruct – Section Force Output from Pretension Bolt

    Product Version: OptiStruct 2019.0 or above
    Topic Objective
    Section force output from pretension bolt in OptiStruct.
    Topic Detail
    Section force output from pretension bolt
    • No need to define SECTION manually
    • Solids
    • Automatic output of SECTION results with solid pretension bolt
    • Out file as well as .secres file


    すぐにできる疲労解析ツール Altair HyperLife
    形状を確認しながら直感的に操作できる疲労解析ソフトウェアです。結果をHyperLife 上で確認でき、ウィークポイントをすぐに把握できます。


    全てのタイプの数値処理をひとつの製品で Altair Compose
    Altair Compose は、CAE ポスト処理、マトリクス演算、微分方程式、信号処理、制御系設計等を実行するための、ハイレベルなマトリクスベース言語とインタラクティブかつ統一されたプログラミング環境を提供します。
    学術研究・個人向け︓ ベーシックエディション(無償)

    Lead-Time Reduction at Renault with Altair SimSolid
    Renault presented on their use of Altair SimSolid at the HyperWorks 2019 Roadshow in France. They showed a reduction in lead time from weeks to hours with results accuracy within 5% of their standard processes.

    Réduction des temps de conception chez Renault grâce à Altair SimSolid
    Durant le Tour de France de la simulation numérique Altair HyperWorks 2019, Renault a partagé son expérience de l'utilisation d'Altair SimSolid. Ils ont montré une réduction des délais de quelques semaines à quelques heures avec une précision des résultats de l'ordre de 5 % par rapport à leurs processus standard.

    モデルベース開発、複合領域シミュレーションのためのブロックダイアグラム環境 Altair Activate
    1D-3DCAE、モデルベース開発、制御システム設計のためのツールAltair Activate を設計プロセスの初期段階で適用することにより、複合領域の挙動を容易にモデル化し、システム全体の性能を把握できます。
    学術研究・個人向け︓ ベーシックエディション(無償)

    Midsurfacing and Meshing in HyperWorks X
    A beam example of how the new Altair HyperWorks X workflows allow to quickly extract midsurfaces, generate a mesh and apply morphing.

    Hyperworks X: Morphing Examples on a Turbine Blade
    This brief demo shows the easy accessibility to morphing in HyperWorks X. Different examples are shown to explain, how to take advantage of Altair's morphing technology.

    Hyperworks X: Design Space Management
    Altair HyperWorks X introduces a very intuitive and powerful workflow to quickly generate design and non-design space for optimization runs. It also provides a library for automotive related non-design spaces, such as engine, seats, engine, sunroofs, and wheel arches. The results can be quickly altered with manipulators.

    Geometry Generation and Morphing in HyperWorks X
    Based on the example of a floor panel, this video shows how easy it is to generate new geometries and meshes in HyperWorks X. Some adjustments to the mesh are done with the morphing functionality. These mesh geometry changes are saved as shape, e.g. to use it for a subsequent optimization.

    ブロック吊り上げシミュレーションCrane CAE Manager
    Crane CAE Manager は、構造物の吊り上げ作業をAltair MotionSolveとAltair OptiStruct による機構解析と構造解析を連成することで、現実的かつ厳密なシミュレーションを可能にするシステムです。
    特に船舶建造時のブロックの吊り上げ作業では、Crane CAEManager によって、作業時のブロック姿勢や発生する過渡的な応力を容易に求められることから、より質の高い強度検討を実現できます。

    データインテリジェンス Altair Knowledge Works
    Altair はDatawatch 社を買収し、同社の保有する一連の製品をAltair Knowledge Works として提供します。Knowledge Works は、セルフサービス分析、予測分析、およびストリーミング分析をサポートし、幅広い業界に適合します。

    設計者が開発中のCAD モデルをそのまま解析できるAltair SimSolid は、新しいアルゴリズムを用いたメッシュ不要の超高速解析ツールです。200 部品のアセンブリモデルのインポートから線形静解析までをノートPCで1 分20 秒という驚異的な速さで行います。

    Benchmarking by FEA: Best Practices & Key Quality Checks to Verify Results Accuracy
    This guest contribution on the Altair blog is written by the ESRD team, a member of the Altair Partner Alliance

    Evaluate the Largest Assemblies in Minutes with SimSolid
    Moving stage for the Qintai Culture & Art Center in Wuhan, China.
    The CAD assembly used for the analysis consisted of 7738 parts, including hundreds of bolts and welds. It required approx. one hour to import and setup the model, 30 minutes to solve the analysis on a regular laptop. SimSolid model created by: INNEO.

    Image source: SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH

    Dynamic Motion in Altair Inspire
    Altair Inspire includes a powerful and intuitive environment for investigating system motions of moving parts

    Fit PolyNURBS in Altair Inspire
    The new Fit PolyNURBS feature allows you to automatically wrap optimization results with PolyNURBS. This option can be found on the optimization Shape Explorer.

    Spot Welds in Altair Inspire
    With Altair Inspire you can easily create spot welds for sheet metal parts design

    Altair Inspire Load Case Tables
    Easily organize and manage all boundary conditions with load case tables

    Friction in Joints in Altair Inspire
    Friction can now be considered in setting up dynamic motions

    Suppress/Unsuppress Entities in Altair Inspire
    Joints, fasteners, and motion entities (for example, springs or motion contacts) can now be suppressed. This feature is useful for studying the effects of a given entity on system behavior or when debugging a model

    Altair Inspire Overhang Shape Controls
    Optimal lightweight designs can be defined in Altair Inspire taking in account several constraints for additive and traditional manufacturing processes, including the overhang angle for 3D printed parts.

    Altair SimLab: The New Platform for Multiphysics
    Altair SimLab: The New Platform for Multiphysics
    Gunaseelan Krishnasamy, Vice President, SimLab Development, Altair

    Altair MotionSolve New Feature Overview
    View a high level overview of the new features available within MotionSolve 2019.

    Durability & Comfort Simulations with MotionSolve
    Our goal was to help engineers developing ground vehicles to determine fatigue life of components and improve driver comfort. Vehicle-specific simulation events have been added or streamlined to closely mimic standard physical tests performed in a lab (such as with N-post shakers) or on a test track.

    MotionSolve Examples Library
    The MotionSolve examples library has been added to provide users with resources to learn MotionSolve on real world type models.

    General Machinery Solutions with MotionSolve
    Our goal was to help users more easily build and simulate complex systems. To this end, we have added a library of higher-level modeling elements including cables, pulleys, and winches; linear actuators, struts, & rods; as well as gears and cams – obviating the need for users to separately define parts, markers, and joints for these elements.

    Generic Modeling Improvements with MotionSolve
    Many other enhancements in this release were designed to enable users to assemble and solve models to evaluate product behavior much faster, especially for vehicle simulations.

    System Design Solutions with MotionSolve
    Much of the MotionSolve and MotionView multi-body modeling and simulation technology has been incorporated into Inspire Motion to enable system design closely tied to 3D CAD geometry.

    Altair HyperStudy New Feature Overview
    View a high level overview of the new features available within HyperMesh 2019.

    Altair HyperStudy Bubbles Plot
    Bubble plots can be used to view additional information in a scatter plot window.

    Altair HyperStudy FAST Fit Method and Lookup Model Type
    FAST automatically builds the best fitting functions. To accomplish this, HyperStudy is automatically testing all the methods available and their settings to figure out the most appropriate method to obtain the best quality fit for each approximated function.

    Altair HyperStudy Model Linking
    Workflow and user interface changes have been made to the Model Resources dialog to streamline the experience by providing a clearer visual representation of the run’s directory structure.  This will make setup and review more intuitive.

    Altair HyperStudy System Reliability Optimization (SRO) Method
    System Reliability Optimization (SRO) is a new, highly efficient reliability based design optimization (RBDO) method.  This new method requires a reduced number of runs, and allows reliability constraints to be applied to not just the individual failure constraints but to the overall system reliability.

    Altair HyperLife New Feature Overview
    HyperLife is a new Fatigue application that is being released with version 2019. See an overview of this new product and the features it contains.

    Altair HyperLife Execute the Fatigue Setup
    The Evaluate tool allows you to run the Fatigue Analysis, and subsequently load your results in the Results Explorer to visualize the Damage and Number of Cycles to Failure contour.

    Altair HyperLife Creating Fatigue Events
    The Load Map tool serves as a typical Signal processing utility where you can import repetitive load history files. You can also create a simple constant amplitude or block loading cycles with a single click.

    Altair HyperLife Fatigue Modules Selection
    A collated icon enables you to choose the type of fatigue analysis to be run.

    Altair HyperLife Material Assignment
    The Material tool allows you to create, store, and manage the Fatigue material property assigned to parts. This tool is preloaded with a library of Fatigue material properties, from which you can choose from. You can also load materials from your own database or create new materials in the session.

    Altair HyperLife Stress Life Analysis
    Uniaxial and Multiaxial assessment options with multiple Mean stress correction theories. Various stress combination methods are available for Uniaxial assessment. Critical plane implementation for Multiaxial assessment.

    Altair HyperLife Seam Weld Fatigue Analysis
    Structural stress method implementation for Seam welds idealized with plate or shell elements. The approach is based on VOLVO method. Supported weld type is FILLET weld and the weld lines (root and toe) are automatically identified.

    Machine Learning Applications in Engineering
    Machine Learning Applications in Engineering
    Dr. Shidan Murphy, Director APAC Solutions Specialists,
    Data Intelligence, Altair

    New Generation User Experience of HyperWorks
    New Generation User Experience of HyperWorks
    Michael Dambach Sr. Vice President, HyperWorks Program Management, Altair

    Improving Vehicle Performance with Multi-Body Simulation
    Learn about the special capabilities available for vehicle simulations (cars & trucks) with Altair MotionSolve™

    Revolutionizing Simulation-Driven Design with Altair SimSolid, A Technology Disruptor
    Revolutionizing Simulation-Driven Design with Altair SimSolid,
    A Technology Disruptor! – Warren Dias, Director,
    Global OptiStruct Business Development, Altair
    SimSolid Case Study Presentation
    Ashish Mishra, Head-Simulation COE &
    Gaurav Regmi, Manager, Durability Simulation, Ather Energy

    Canadian start-up company Philomec specializes in mechanical engineering services that helps companies design and optimize their products using mechanical and biomechanical FEM simulation. Their creation of customized, validated biomechanical models, and the analysis of simulation results by experts allows surgeons to choose the model of an implant and adapt surgical maneuvers to a specific patient, thus reducing the number of implants used, as well as the risk of complications. It is challenging to validate biomechanical models due to the complexity of materials, scarcity of experimental data, and the lack of representation of variability. The application of Altair HyperWorks for explicit multiphysics simulation provides a high-level of confidence in the validity and stability of the musculoskeletal models.

    Rapid Diagram-to-Code
    In under 60 seconds, blink an LED connected to an Arduino by rapidly and easily generating code from a block diagram

    Altair Embed Connecting to Controller Hardware (Arduino, etc.)
    How to generate code from a block diagram and move it onto target microcontroller (MCU) hardware such as an Arduino

    Altair Embed Construct State Diagrams
    Push-button control of an Arduino using a state chart and code generation

    Altair Embed Drone DC Motor Control HIL
    Hardware in the loop (HIL) testing of a speed controller for a motor used on a drone propeller

    Altair Embed PMSM Sensorless Field Oriented Control HIL
    Set parameters to optimize controller performance for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) without an encoder

    Digital Architects
    To build a very simple, robust, sustainable roof structure for a prosthesis lab associated with the Centre medico-chirurgical de l'Ulcère de Buruli, which is a hospital in Bouaké, on the Ivory Coast of Africa, the project team used Altair SimSolid, to conduct very fast, full assembly tests, saving time and money, while providing increased flexibility, without compromising accuracy.

    Altair HyperMesh New Feature Overview
    View a high level overview of the new features available within HyperMesh 2019.

    Altair HyperMesh Batchmesher Enhancements
    Many improvements have been made to batchmesher in the version 2019 release. Learn more about the new enhancements available in this release.

    Altair HyperMesh CAD Interfaces and New Capabilities
    Many improvements have been made to the CAD interface in the version 2019 release. Learn more about the new enhancements available in this release.

    Altair HyperMesh Crash & Safety - Dummy Pre-Simulation
    Dummy pre-simulation with the cable method can be performed using the Dummy Pre-Simulation tool.

    Altair HyperMesh Crash & Safety - Mechanism Tool
    Automatically extract bodies and joints to create a mechanism of the selected Finite Element model using the Mechanism Extraction tool.

    Digital Twin
    Digital Twin
    Pavan Kumar, Sr. Vice President-Global Indirect Business &
    P K Thukaram, Advisor - Heavy Engineering, Altair

    Altair Activate 1D Block Diagram Modeling
    Model and simulate systems using one-dimensional (1D) block diagrams

    Altair Activate Physical Modeling via Modelica
    Construct models using a physical modeling approach with Modelica

    Altair Activate Combining 1D Signal and Physical Blocks
    Example of simulating a system-of-systems by combining signal-based modeling with physical modeling

    Altair Activate Open System Integration via FMI
    Leverage the Functional Mock-up Interface to help couple together 3D models with 1D models

    Altair Activate 1D/3D Example: Active Suspension
    Example of using both 1D models + 3D models together to simulate an Active Suspension system

    Altair Activate 0D & 1D Modeling
    Example of using either 1D modeling or 0D modeling to simulate a basic electrical circuit system

    Multiphysics Optimization of Traction Motors For E-mobility
    Multiphysics Optimization of Traction Motors For E-mobility
    Vincent Leconte, Sr. Director, Global Business Development-EM Solutions, Altair

    設計フロー開発支援プラットフォーム Altair FlowTracer
    Altair FlowTracerは、設計フローの可視化、ハード / ソフトウェア(ライセンス)リソースを考慮したジョブ実行、および複数の開発者とフローグラフを共有して開発が可能な設計フロー管理プラットフォームです。

    Altair FlowTracerのウェブページ

    Altair Compose System Dynamics
    Assess and improve system dynamics with Altair Compose by constructing and solving differential equations, then understand design sensitivities by rapidly changing model parameters

    Altair Compose: Read CAE Data Natively
    Leverage data-reader functions built into Altair Compose to make it easy to import and post-process CAE and test data, using any of numerous standard data file formats

    Altair Compose: Coupling with Python
    Use Altair Compose with Python to create, execute, and debug scripts and to visualize results. Combine with scripts written in OML to get the best of both worlds.

    Altair Compose: HyperWorks Automation Tool
    Calculate margins of safety of fasteners with less segregate tools integrating result, model and math through the HyperWorks bridge to maximize productivity

    Altair Compose Digital Data Compression
    Use handy digital signal processing functions to easily compress the data with minimal loss of quality, producing smaller data packets which require less time to transmit from space to ground

    Altair Compose Custom Library Creation
    Create and import custom Compose libraries using C/C++ functions to achieve better reliability of processes and efficiency of calculation

    Altair Compose Flutter Data Analysis
    Automatically parse and manipulate CAE text output files to avoid manual work with a more appropriate environment for math operations

    Altair Compose Fatigue Damage Evaluation
    Evaluate Fatigue damage and life based on the load history applying handy Fatigue methods under high cycle or low cycle

    Altair Compose Auto-Generating Input for FEKO
    Automate the generation of antenna array excitations seamlessly performing the necessary calculations, data formatting, and output

    Altair Compose CAE Test Data
    Import various types of CAE or test data for visualization and/or manipulation in Altair Compose

    Altair Compose Curve Fitting
    Fit an optimized curve through imported test data with Altair Compose

    Simulation-Driven Design of a Portable Basketball Hoop System - Initial Steps
    A simulation-driven design process is proven to generate improved, more robust and cost-effective designs within a shorter design cycle. Incorporating simulation and optimization early in the design cycle helps shape the concept designs so less iterations and rework is necessary as the design matures. This paper is intended to discuss the initial steps that can be taken when using a simulation-driven design approach to design and engineer products. Several of Altair’s design and engineering tools will be coupled to achieve various design goals.

    Altair SimSolid Webinar
    SimSolid è un software di analisi strutturale sviluppato appositamente per i progettisti. Elimina la semplificazione geometrica e il meshing, le due attività più lunghe e complesse eseguite nell'analisi FEM tradizionale. E' in grado di analizzare parti complesse e assiemi di grandi dimensioni in modo efficiente, anche su computer portatili.

    Altair Compose Simulating a Solar Eclipse
    Flexibly model astronomic events like eclipses and planetary transits performing necessary calculations with many easy-to-use Math functions to accurately predict and visualize the path of eclipse shadows

    What's New in OptiStruct 2019
    Find out what's new in Altair OptiStuct 2019, THE solver for linear and nonlinear analysis.

    Simulation V Atoms
    Dr. Nuno Lourenco, Senior Manager Body Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover presents at the 2019 UK Altair Technology Conference. The increasing complexity of mechanical systems across multiple industries poses challenges to simulation activities, where solvers, pre- and post- processors often fail to capture all control variables and noise factors affecting a system and can lead ultimately to a gradual loss of credibility to simulation tools and engineers. A hypothesis is presented that the answer is to tackle that system complexity through simplicity, in an approach that is more akin to software development rather than traditional mechanical
    system design.

    CAD to Multiple Physics in Minutes with SimLab
    Analyzing full-featured parametric CAD assemblies is an extremely labor intensive process requiring skilled CAE expertise. Common practices to shorten simulation cycles have included simplifying and defeaturing CAD geometry – offering little “engineering” value, negatively impacting results accuracy and consistency, and falling short of desired program objectives.

    Aircraft Radome Multiphysics Using Simulation
    Watch this webinar to see a demonstration of a multiphysics simulation approach using the Altair HyperWorks platform for the analysis of airborne radomes for electromagnetic , structural, aerodynamic, and bird strike performances.

    SimSolid “実際的な問題”検証資料 - 応力精度の検証 -
    SolidWorksのCADモデルを用いた、SolidWorksのシミュレーションとAltair SimSolid™の静解析の結果が比較されています。

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